Vater VHC5BN Classics 5B Drumsticks – Nylon Tip
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Vater VHC5BN Classics 5B Drumsticks – Nylon Tip

Brand: Vater


Vater Classics 5B Drumsticks – Nylon Tip is very versatile in many musical applications and playing styles with its very comfortable grip size.

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A little undersized in grip as compared to the popular Vater 5B.

Also available in Sugar Maple.

About Vater Classics Series: These profiles and sizes have been some of the core models in the drumstick world since the birth of the “trap set”. Jack Adams [Alan & Ron Vater’s Grandfather] even hand-turned some of these drumstick profiles at Jack’s Drum Shop in Boston back in the 1950’s and 60’s. Fast forward to the 1980’s, before the Vater brand was launched, the Vater Family found themselves lathe turning these same stick designs for their biggest customer who happens to now be one of our direct competitors.

We’re revisiting some Vater History with Vater Classics. 6 core models lathe turned to their classic specs and profiles, just like we made back in our barn in the 1980’s. Now players have the choice of either Sugar Maple or Hickory for the Classics 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, Big Band and 8D Jazz designs. Available in both wood tip and nylon tip options.

Try them out for yourself and see why that major competitor himself once called them “the finest hickory drum sticks in the world!” in a hand-written letter to the Vater Family which hangs on our wall to this day.


  • Length: 16" | 40.64 cm
  • Grip: 0.595" | 1.51 cm
  • Tip: Nylon
  • Wood Type: Hickory

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 40.01 cm