Vox AmPlug 3 Headphone Amplifier in US Silver

Brand: Vox


Introducing amPlug3, the latest generation of the worldwide best-selling amPlug headphone amplifiers, is a seamless way for any guitarist to deliver serious sound to their headphones. Practice anywhere, at any time.

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amPlug3 is the third generation of the amPlug series of convenient plug-and-play headphone amplifiers for guitarists and bassists. With a wide range of amp flavors, each delivers iconic and instantly recognisable amplifier tones. amPlug3 provides musicians with the ideal practice tool, combining simplicity with incredibly rich sound quality.


  • Record directly onto a smartphone or laptop via the AUX jack with an optional TRRS cable.
  • Rhythms are now available, with nine essential patterns included on every amPlug3.
  • A greatly expanded effects section includes stereo effects, giving a more expansive soundexperience both through headphones and when recording.
  • Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, Reverb FX

Enhance your practice sessions with authentic sounds and useful, musical functions. Beyond exceptional amp tones, the amPlug3 series offers powerful built-in stereo effects and rhythms, providing versatile editing and a comprehensive sonic experience during practice and play.

The VOX Amplug V3 US Silver mimics the legendary US combo amp sound. CH1 features a warm, clean tone, and CH2 produces a smooth, rich drive sound.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 25 cm

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