Vox V845 Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

Brand: Vox

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Based on the design of the original ’60s Vox wah pedal, the reimagined Vox V845 delivers that authentic wah sound you’ve heard from many of your favourite classic records. As a result, the Vox V845 has become a staple on many guitarists’ pedalboards.

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An AC power connector is fitted to save on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making it the perfect choice for your pedal board.

VOX V845 Wah-Wah Specifications

Input/Output jacks: INST jack, AMP jack, DC i/p jack.

Power supply: One 9V DC battery 6F22(S-006P)

Power consumption: 540uA @ 9VDC

Battery life for continuous use: approximately >100 hours with manganese battery (will vary depending on conditions)

Dimensions: 102(W) x 252(D) x 75(H) (including rubber feet, pedal in lowest position)

Weight: 942g (including battery)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 26 cm

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