Yamaha CK61 61 Key Stage Keyboard with Bluetooth & Speakers

Brand: Yamaha
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The CK series Stage Pianos turn everywhere into a stage or studio with intuitive controls, integrated speakers, and access to every sound you need to make your mark.

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Take your sound where it’s never been before. Anywhere.

CK brings the sound of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano together with the organ and synth focused YC Stage Keyboard for a whole new sound palette with an intuitive interface that allows you to concentrate on the music, not menus. Featuring piano, electric piano, strings and brass, plus a dedicated organ section and modern synth sounds. Integrated special effects add dimension and depth to your sound. There's even analog-to-digital (A/D) input for connecting a mic or other instrument, apply effects, and record directly to your laptop. Not to mention, the CK has speakers and a battery inside to take your sounds anywhere. The possibilities are almost endless.

Pianos, EP & Keys - CK features piano sounds from three iconic Yamaha grands: the CFX, S700 and CF3, plus the renowned U1 upright piano from the Yamaha YC Series.

Organ - When it comes to organ, the flexible CK is all about choices. Classic 60s surf rock? Check. Soulful R&B? Easy. Gospel and everything in between? No doubt. CK has a dedicated organ section inspired by the Yamaha reface YC mobile mini keyboard featuring five different organ types, rotary speaker effect, percussion and an updated vibrato/chorus algorithm.

Synths - CK gives you a vast array of complex synth sounds without the difficult menus. You get analog style pads, leads and basses, synth brass, strings and pads. Even synth bells and textures to add to your sonic palette. All with contemporary synth controls to perfect your sound without scrolling through laborious menus.

Effects - The built-in effects on the CK make it easy to mold your sounds into whatever you can imagine. Effects include five different types of overdrive and distortion, modulation effects such as Chorus, Flanger and Phaser, time-based effects like Delay and Reverb, Wah, Tremolo, and experimental sounds like ring mod, Slicer, Lo-Fi, EQ and more!

Three Parts - CK lets you split, layer, mix and process all from the front panel. Making it simple to create with an almost endless amalgamation of sounds. Split bass and piano. Layer organ with strings. Play with modern synth sounds. CK gives you three parts that let the music go wherever it takes you.

CONTROL - CK features an intuitive, 1 to 1 interface that frees you up to explore your sound. Everything, from dedicated Organ controls to Synth and Effects controls, is meant to keep you creating instead of scrolling menus.

Keyboard Action - CK61 features the new 61-key “FSB” or “Future System Basic” action. FSB uses a totally new structure. This action provides a heavier initial key resistance and increased key travel for a huge range of expression and stability.

Filter & EG - CK Filter and Envelope Generator (EG) feature dedicated controls for the most frequently-used synth parameters and a dedicated bypass button to return to the original state quickly.

MIDI Master - A four-zone controller connects with your external MIDI devices to turn CK into an all-out MIDI controller for your DAW or master keyboard in your MIDI rig.

Speakers & Battery Power - Unplug and get playing. CK’s built-in speakers turn any space into a stage or studio. No matter where you are, CK achieves astounding playing time and sound quality for up to 4.5 hours with rechargeable batteries or up to 3 with alkaline.*

* Batteries not included.

USB Audio/MIDI Interface - CK is so much more than an awesome MIDI interface. Integrated stereo in/out USB Audio Interface lets you record and play back audio to and from CK to your computer or iOS device, including whatever is connected to the A/D input. It even has USB MIDI and 5-pin DIN In/Out.

Bluetooth Audio Input - Go wireless with Bluetooth Audio to play back tracks from your phone or bandmates. You can also use the built-in speakers to play along or run tracks from your phone.


  • Keyboard
    • Number of Keys: 61
    • Type: FSB keyboard, initial touch
  • Voices
    • Tone Generation: AWM2, AWM (Organ Flutes)
    • Polyphony: 128
    • Number of Voices: 363
  • Effects
    • Insert Effects: Drive 1 system (5 types) / Effect 2 systems (1: 36 types, 2: 36 types)
    • Delay: 4 types
    • Reverb: 3 types
    • Master EQ: 3-Band
  • Connectivity
    • Line Out: [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks, unbalanced)
    • A/D Input: [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
    • Headphones: 6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack
    • Foot Controller: FOOT PEDAL [1]/[2]
    • MIDI: MIDI [IN]/[OUT]
    • DC IN
  • Functions
    • Bluetooth: Yes (Audio Input)
    • USB Audio Interface: [Sampling Frequency = 44.1 kHz] In: 2 channels (1 stereo channel) Out: 2 channels (1 stereo channel)
  • Sound System
    • Amplifiers: 2x 6W
    • Speakers: (12 cm × 6 cm) × 2, Switchable ON/OFF
  • Other
    • Display: Full Dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)
    • Included Accessories: AC adaptor, Owner’s Manual
  • Power Supply
    • Adaptor: PA-150B or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha (Output: DC 12V, 1.5 A)
    • Batteries: Eight “AA” size alkaline (LR6) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
    • Power Consumption: 11 W (When using PA-150B AC adaptor)
  • Size/Weight
    • 1100mm (W) x 240mm (H) x 410mm (D)
    • 5.6kg

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 41 × 24 × 110 cm

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