Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module
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Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module

Brand: Yamaha


Yamaha EAD10 Electronic/Acoustic Drum Trigger Module is a revolution in hybrid drum technology giving you access to studio quality drum sounds and sample integration based around your acoustic kit

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The EAD10 acoustic electronic drum module instantly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds and studio quality digital effects. It allows you to play and record your acoustic drums along with your favorite artists from your music library or from tracks from your friends and share them digitally.

With the free iOS app you can shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.

The EAD10 enhances every aspect of your drumming – the way you practice, record and perform live and makes your acoustic drums do more.

The EAD10 achieves this integration with a single microphone/trigger component attached to a powerful digital processor. The trigger features internal microphones which can capture the whole sound of the kit and then be digitally manipulated with effects or recorded directly to the module.

The EAD10 solves the common drummer problem of recording your kit quickly and affordably, whilst still achieving great sound quality. The Yamaha EAD10 has got it all covered.

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