Yamaha PSR-E283 Portable Beginner Keyboard

Brand: Yamaha
SKU: VFN0540


Experience the excitement and fun! Yamaha’s entry-level keyboard motivates and entertains, taking your playing to a higher level. Equipped with 410 authentic instrument sounds, fun sound effects, quiz mode, and other exciting educational features, the PSR-E283 allows even beginners to enjoy learning to play.

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In addition to many beautiful piano sounds, it also includes realistic instrument sounds such as guitar, bass, percussion, and drums, as well as fun sound effects such as dog barks and cat meows. Select your favorite tone when playing or practicing. Enjoy the wonderful expressive power of Yamaha's grand piano voice by integrating it with your keyboard.

Featuring a variety of note guessing quizzes to train your ear while playing, and a variety of built-in songs with useful learning features, this keyboard can accompany you on your musical journey, no matter your personal level. There is also a function to evaluate your level of achievement, so you can improve your skills efficiently while having fun.

It also features a smart chord function that allows you to easily play musically ideal chords with just one finger, and a style function that automatically adds accompaniment (rhythm or bass accompaniment) just by playing the root note of the chord. Even alone, you can enjoy playing as if you were playing with a full backing band!


  • 410 Voices – Choose and play a variety of instrument voices. If you only want to play the piano sound, press the [PORTABLE GRAND] button.
  • 122 Songs - There are 122 preset songs that you can use with the learning function to support your practice and improve your playing skills. There is also a songbook that you can download for free when playing this instrument. The songbook can be downloaded from the PSR-E283 related data download site.
  • SFX – You can play various sound effects with your keyboard.
  • Quiz - PSR-E283 allows you to play along with the music guessing quiz, have fun performing, and develop your musical ear.
  • Lessons - You can easily enjoy playing the built-in songs using the lesson function. These useful learning features will help you practice your songs and improve your playing skills.
  • Smart Chords – The Smart Chords feature lets you automatically play chords and styles using just one finger. 150 styles - just play a chord with your left hand and automatic accompaniment will play the appropriate style (rhythm + bass + chords).



Control Interface

  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Display Language: English


  • Tone Generating Technology: AWM Stereo Sampling
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.): 32
  • Number of Voices: 392 Voices + 18 drum/SFX kits


  • Reverb: 9 Types
  • Chorus: 5 Types
  • Master EQ: 6 Types
  • Ultra-Wide Stereo: 3 Types
  • Panel Sustain Functions: Yes

Accompaniment Styles

  • Number of Preset Styles:150
  • Fingering: Smart Chord / Multi Finger
  • Other Features One Touch Setting (OTS): Yes


  • Number of Preset Songs:122
  • Recording: Number of Songs - 1 Number of Tracks - 1 Data Capacity - Approx. 300 notes


  • Lesson/Guide:
  • Metronome:
  • Tempo Range:
  • Transpose:
  • Tuning:
  • Duo:
  • PIANO Button:

Storage and Connectivity

  • DC IN: 12 V
  • Headphones: Standard stereo phone jack (PHONES/OUTPUT)
  • Sustain Pedal: Yes
  • AUX IN: Stereo mini jack

Amplifiers and Speakers

  • Amplifiers: 2.5 W + 2.5 W
  • Speakers: 4.72" (12 cm) x 2

Power Supply

  • Power Consumption: 6 W (When using PA-130 or an equivalent AC adaptor recommended by Yamaha)
  • Auto Power Off Function: Yes
  • Adaptors: AC Adaptor PA-130 (Included), or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha
  • Batteries: Six 1.5 V "AA" size alkaline (LR6), manganese (R6) or six 1.2 V "AA" size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (HR6) (Not Included)


  • Music Rest

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 100 cm

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