Yamaha SCB22CR Stage Custom Birch Drum Kit with HW780 Hardware Pack in Cranberry Red

Brand: Yamaha
SKU: M00000792


Since its release in 1995, the Yamaha Stage Custom has been loved by drummers around the world. Using 100% birch wood, which has been used for many years as a representative material for Yamaha drums, Yamaha have achieved the same high functionality and quality as high-end drums in this class. The Stage Custom Birch is a solid drum for solid drummers. Comes with HW780 hardware package!

**Cymbal not included. Photos are for display purposes only.

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Yamaha birch sound with a beautiful lacquer coating
The shell is made of 100% birch, which has been responsible for the unique sound of Yamaha drums for many years, and provides a tight sound with short decay, fast attack, and good separation.
The coating specifications of the finish achieve the kind of beauty found in high-end drum kits. The different wood grains from the natural wood to the uniqueness of the hand-painted surface will set your drum kit apart from the rest.

Diversity that allows expression
Shell size variations include standard kit configurations as well as individual shells from 8" to 24" found on high-end drum kits. From small-diameter jazz kits to large-diameter huge rock kits, drummers can customise their setup to their heart's content. Yamaha Stage Custom Kit embodies every aspect of your musicality.

Superior functionality that ensures its appeal as an instrument
Yamaha Stage Custom Kit is a kit that uses metal parts that are the result of years of research and development as a comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer. The lugs (absolute lugs) feature an internal lug locking
mechanism where a lug nut retention plate inside the lugs prevents the tension screw from loosening during play.

The Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.) is an uncompromising design that accentuates the tom's natural tone, and a traditional ball mount and clamp allows for stress-free setup. These parts, which are also used in high-end drum kits, allow the Yamaha Stage Custom Kit to have features that go beyond its class.

HW780 700 Series Single Bracket Hardware Set
Pro players want complete reliability, and here it's included in a complete hardware package. The 700 Series offers a streamlined design and superior stability with lightweight single brace hardware.


  • 100% birch shells with short decay, quick attack, and tight sound with good separation
  • Beautiful hand lacquered finish found in high-end kits
  • Metal parts that can also be found in high-end kits used throughout
  • Lineup featuring a variety of shell sizes from 8" to 24"


Design/Architecture Detail

  • Shell Birch 6ply 7.2mm
  • TT/FT Hoop 1.5mm Triple Flange Hoop (Steel)
  • BD Hoop Wood Hoop
  • Lug Absolute Lug with Internal Lug Lock Mechanism
  • TT/FT Head Top: Remo UT Ambassador Clear, Bottom: Remo UC Ambassador Clear
  • BD Head Front: Remo UC P3 Ebony, Batter: Remo UT P3 Clear (20"-24"BD), Remo UT Ambassador Coated (18" BD)
  • Tom Mount Y.E.S.S.
  • Shell Package: 10 Tom Tom/12 Tom Tom/16 Floor Tom/22 Bass/14 Snare Drum
  • Hardware Package: Cymbal Stands CS755 x2, Hi-Hat Stand HS740A, Foot Pedal FP7210A, Snare Stand SS740A

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

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