Zildjian A 16 Inch Fast Crash Cymbal
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Zildjian A 16 Inch Fast Crash Cymbal

Brand: Zildjian
SKU: ZA0266


This crash’s name comes from its quick response, opening up right away with very short decay due to its thinner weight.

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True to their name, the Fast Crashes have a smooth, fast decay following an initial strong attack.

Featuring a new bell design, these Crashes are bright, full-bodied and musical.

The thinner weight provides a soft, "buttery" feel for plenty of playability.


  • Strong initial attack
  • Crash opens up and responds very quickly
  • Adds instant splash of color to your sound
  • Thinner weight provides soft, buttery feel
  • Fast, smooth decay


  • SKU: A0266
  • Family : A Family
  • Type : Crash

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 45 cm