Zildjian A 19 inch Ultra Hammered China
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Zildjian A 19 inch Ultra Hammered China

Brand: Zildjian
SKU: ZA0369


Loud-er effects designed to explode with penetrating sound, this all-new China model features a new, inverted “volcano” bell and extensive hammering, producing a sound that is trashy.

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  • China designed to deliver ultra-devastating, explosive china sound
  • Features inverted, "volcano" bell
  • Produces very trashy sound
  • Responds sensitively when played at all dynamic levels
  • Extensive hammering


  • SKU: A0369
  • Family : A Family
  • Type : China

Watch: A0369 19" A Zildjian Ultra Hammered China Brilliant

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 52 × 10 × 52 cm