Zildjian ZBO Low Octave Deluxe Crotale Bar
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Zildjian ZBO Low Octave Deluxe Crotale Bar

Brand: Zildjian
SKU: ZGP0636


Crotale bar for Low octave notes, with an adaptable design that fits most cymbal stand bases.

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Zildjian Crotale Bars are constructed with rectangular tube steel, and have a gloss black painted finish. The Low Bar holds the 13 Low Octave notes. Its adaptable design features dual mounting options that fit into most cymbal stand bases.


  • Holds 13 Low Octave Crotale notes
  • Rectangular tube steel construction
  • Dual mounting options fit most cymbal stand bases
  • Gloss black painted finish

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 90 cm