Zoom HD16 Hard Disk Recording Studio (Preloved – Good Condition)

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Hard Disc Recording Studio – HD16. MTR meets DAW.

Preloved – Good Condition.

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  • Brings together everything you need for complete music production The HD8/HD16 provides all the functionality you need for professional music production: hard disk recorder, drum/bass machine, digital mixer, effects, CD-R/RW drive and more. From creating the rhythm tracks to multitrack recording, mixdown, and burning an audio CD, the HD8/HD16 lets you do it all.
  • Recorder section with plenty of tracks The HD8 provides 8 audio tracks (mono x 6, stereo x 1), and the HD16 has 16 audio tracks (mono x 8, stereo x 4). Because each track has ten virtual tracks (V-takes), you can record multiple takes for important parts such as vocals or guitar solos and select the best take later. A full range of editing functions is provided, allowing you to copy or move audio data. Special functions including time stretch/compression, pitch compensation, and harmonizing are also available.
  • Support for a wide range of input sources Input connectors compatible with high-impedance sources and 48V phantom power allow the unit to handle any kind of source, from electric guitar/electric bass and other high-impedance instruments to dynamic and condenser microphones, as well as synthesizers and other line-level equipment.
  • 8-track recording mode/sub output support << only>> The HD16 has an 8-track recording mode that can handle up to 8 signals simultaneously. This is great for multimiking a drum setup or recording an entire band in one go. In addition to the regular stereo output, the HD16 also provides a STEREO SUB-OUT which can be used to supply a separate mix, for example for monitoring during recording, or to send a signal to a separate effect device.
  • Bounce function allows mixdown of all tracks The bounce function makes it easy to consolidate multiple tracks into one or two tracks with just a few keystrokes. Play all tracks, add the drum + bass sound, and bounce the result onto two empty V-takes. If you select the master track as bounce target, internal mixdown is possible without using up any of the regular audio tracks.
  • Rhythm function provides guide rhythm or accompaniment The built-in rhythm function offers more than 400 types of accompaniment patterns from the internal drum + bass sound generator. What’s more, you can create your own original patterns using real-time or step input. Patterns can be used as a guide rhythm during recording, or programmed together with chords to create an entire rhythm song. In addition to conventional step input, the HD8/HD16 features an innovative concept called FAST developed by ZOOM which lets you quickly build songs by using simple formula. Instead of the built-in drum sound generator, a part of an audio track or an audio file from a CD-ROM can also be used. Add special effects to a song or play patterns and songs with your very own sound.
  • Phrase loop function for pasting audio material Using recorded audio data or audio files picked up from a CD-ROM disc, you can create “phrase loops” for example of drum licks and guitar riffs. The playback order and repetition count of loop material can be programmed with the FAST method and written to any track/V-take as audio data.
  • Mixer section supporting automated operation The internal digital mixer can handle the playback signal from the audio tracks plus the drum and bass sound. The level, panning, and EQ settings of each channel can be saved as separate “scenes”. A saved scene can be switched automatically at a desired point in a song.
  • Versatile effects In terms of internal effects, the HD8/HD16 provides an “insert effect” that can be inserted into a specified signal route, and a “send/return effect” that is used via the mixer send/return loop. The effects can be used in a variety of ways, either modifying the tone in real time while recording a track or for mastering during track playback for mixdown and bounce.
  • CD-R/RW drive lets you create audio CDs or backups The integrated CD-R/RW drive lets you write audio data saved on the master track onto a CD-R/RW disc, to produce an audio CD. The drive is also convenient to back up data that you have recorded.
  • USB port as standard equipment The HD8/HD16 can be directly connected to a computer via the USB port. This lets you not only send and receive MIDI information, it also allows having the HD8/HD16 recognized as external storage by the computer, for easy transfer of audio files. Copy files from the computer to the HD8/HD16 and take them to a studio for adding vocals or guitar solos, or copy files from the HD8/HD16 to the computer further processing with DAW software. Suddenly, the scope of personal recording has become much wider.
  • Use as control surface for DAW software The HD8/HD16 incorporates a control surface function for operating DAW software installed on a computer. When connected via MIDI or USB, the controls of the HD8/HD16 can act as transport keys, adjust the volume, etc.



  • Physical track: 16 (mono x8, stereo x4)
  • Virtual take: 160 (10V-takes per track)
  • Rhythm track: Stereo (Drum) x1, mono (bass) x1
  • Simultaneous recording track: 8
  • Simultaneous playback track: 19 (16audio + stereo drum + bass)
  • Recording data format: 44.1kHz, 16bit mono WAV
  • Maximum recording time: Approx.3hours/GB (in mono track)
  • Project: 1000
  • Marker: 100 points per project
  • Locator: Minite/second/millisecond, measure/beat/chic
  • Track Editing: Copy, move, erase, exchange, trim, fade in/out, reverse, time stretch, pitch fix, harmony generate, duo harmony
  • Punch In/Out: Manual, auto
  • Other Function: Bounce, scrub/preview, A-B repeat, capture/swap, phrase loop


  • Fader:
  • Level meter:
  • Track parameter:
  • Stereo linking:
  • Scene:


  • Algorithm:
  • Patch:
  • Module:
  • Tuner:


Voice: 9 (Drum 8 + Bass 1)
Sound source principle: 16bit, linear PCM
Drum kit: 20
Drum sound: 27 per kit(9 pad x 3 bank)
Sampling capacity: Total 66 seconds per kit in mono (5.5MB) (Maximum sample is 22 seconds per pad)
Bass program: 11
Pad: 9 (velocity sensitive)
Resolution: 48PPQN
Beat: 1/4 - 8/4
Rhythm pattern: 511 patterns per project
Rhythm song: 10 songs per project
Measure: 999 measures per song, 99 measures per pattern
Note/event: Approx. 20000 notes per song
Tempo: 40.0 - 250.0 BPM

Hard disk drive: 3.5-inch, E-IDE type 80 GB
CD-R drive: 5 inch bay type (CD-R/RW model)
A/D conversion: 24-bit, 64-times oversampling
D/A conversion: 24-bit, 128-times oversampling
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Signal processing: 24-bit
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz ±1 dB (10-kilohm load)
S/N ratio: 93dB (IHF-A)
Dynamic range: 97dB (IHF-A)
THD+N: 0.02% (400-Hz, 10kilohm load)
Display: 16-digit 2-line backlight LCD

XLR/standard phone combo jack x8 (Balanced operation)
Input impedance 1 kilohm, pin 2hot
(Unbalanced operation) Input impedance 50 kilohm
Hi-Z selectable x2
Input impedance 1 megohm (Hi-Z switch
With phantom power supply x8

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Dimensions 40 × 10 × 50 cm

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