Zoom R8 8 Track Recorder
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Zoom R8 8 Track Recorder

Brand: Zoom


The Zoom R8 is an 8-track recorder, interface, controller and sampler.

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If you need the portability of hardware recorders, the Zoom R8 is for you.

Take 8 track recording anywhere, from the home studio to the loungeroom to the gig or rehearsal room. No computer required.

The R8 has a range of features handy to the recording process. It contains built in quality microphones, dual microphone and line inputs, DSP effect and even a handy tuner.

Completing the picture: The Zoom R8 works as a handy sampler and a great extensive drum machine too!


The R8 provides eight tracks for recording and playback (up to two tracks can be recorded simultaneously) in full fidelity WAV format, making it ideal for both professional production and for use as a musical sketchpad. Battery operation allows for field recording and enables you to capture your musical ideas quickly. You can connect external microphones or line-level sources directly to the R8, or use the built-in stereo mic pair for minimal setup. You can also plug instruments such as electric guitar or bass right into the R8. When your multitrack recording is complete, you can use the R8's internal mixer, complete with real faders, equalization, panning, and over 140 built-in DSP effects—including amp models and mastering effects like multi-band compression—to create a stereo mix with studio-quality sound.

The R8 is a pad sampler and rhythm machine too. Eight velocity-sensitive pads allow the triggering of up to 24 samples, drum sounds, or loops. Over 500 internal loops and drum patterns are provided, along with a 2GB SD card which contains 500MB of loops and patterns from Big Fish Audio.

In addition, you can create your own custom samples and loops from recorded audio tracks. Quantization and time-stretching can be applied to ensure perfect synchronization. Three playback modes are available for each pad (Repeat, Gate, and 1Shot), and the onboard audio sequencer allows step entry when absolute precision is required.

Best of all, the R8's multitrack recorder is fully integrated with the pad sampler and rhythm machine, allowing a wide variety of production styles to be accommodated. However you choose to build your productions, you'll find the R8 to be the ultimate creative tool.

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