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Fender American Professional Series

Fender American Professional Series

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Bass Intro & Info

Bass players are a unique bunch, like snowflakes, or all those dogs at one of those dog shows. No two exactly alike. We don't just mean hair of different lengths and colours or how long they can sit still before getting distracted by a bike doing a postal delivery. We also mean different hands, fingers or expression. They make their basses sound unique to them.
But here's another trade secret: no two bass guitars sound or feel exactly the same either, even if they are the same brand and model. So there is plenty for the Advancing player to explore, from quality brands including Fender, Music Man, Warwick and Ibanez, to the shape, style, timber, and let's not forget - the colour. Will your bass be warm and round or pack a tight punch?
There's only one way to discover your unique TONE: browse here on-line or feel free to come into a Mega Music store and have a little session with our great range of bass guitars for the Advancing player.
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