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Pedal Boards & Cases
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Dear Mega Music

Thank-you dear friends for providing me with an axe, amp and the corresponding effects that allows me to rain merry hell upon folks both near and far. Whether in the sweet solitude of my dank bedroom, amongst friends in the dinginess of our rehearsal space or the alehouses wherein our voluminous music is hosted.

Thanks to you, my life is all but complete. But for one thing.

And that is, that my effects pedals do sprawl across the floor in all of the above, and this mess of metal and cable is difficult to navigate by foot and somewhat unstable.

You have helped me with all things - can you help me with this also?




Dear Barry

Yes. Go to our website and peruse our exceptional range of Pedal Boards & Cases. We have just the style and size to make your pedal board a simple matter of open, plug in power/guitar and play.

You could also visit our Mega Music stores in Myaree and Wangara, Western Australia, should you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

Happy days,

Mega Music

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