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Home Recording - 5 Essentials

Komplete 11 from Native Instruments

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Ignite: Making Music Easy

Hi Tech & Recording Intro & Info

Welcome to the brave new world of Hi-Tech & Recording!
If you need a few pointers when it comes to the basics, check out our video "Recording on Computer - Five Essential Things You Need." This is an easy-to-follow introduction that opens up the amazing world of digital music to you. After all, once a sound enters a virtual reality, there isn't much you can't do with it. Or to it, for that matter. 
From there, it's time to explore the endless possibilities that can take you from bedroom producer to your first studio and out into cyberspace. Discover software, interfaces, monitors and USB/MIDI controllers that will unleash your unbridled creativity.
Browse here for our massive on-line range. If you know what you're after and it's time to make your purchase here, feel free! But if you have a few questions and need to get it absolutely right, then come in to a Mega Music store where our Hi-Tech & Recording experts are waiting to help you out.
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