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Drum Machines & Samplers

Drum Machines & Samplers
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For some who walk among us, there comes the time for a sampler, and you'll know if it's yours. You might want to grab sounds, turn them inside-out then pump them over an unsuspecting crowd, use it like a crazy percussion kit or do stuff we've never heard of. There aren't any rules and the sampler maestro can wield one with all the skills of traditional musician. Check out Mega Music's range of awesome samplers and find the beast to make your own special noise.
For those needing all the joys of rhythm patterns and drum sounds without the hassle of a real drum-kit, a drummer and his/her annoying friends, we do indeed stock a selection of quality drum machines. Browse and buy here, or make your way to Mega Music. It won't sound like a thin piece of cheese being struck by a pop-stick these days, trust us. Unless you want one that does.
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