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V-Moda Headphones

V-Moda Headphones

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Headphones Intro & Info

Headphones. Industry name: "cans" - not to be confused with the American slang for bottoms ("I'm about done with y'all sittin' on your cans!") or toilet ("the can's on the left, don't forget to flush!") - are a clever way to prevent sleep deprivation in others as you tweak that insane synth-bass at 3.18 am on a Wednesday. True. But there's more.
For the music creator or mixer, headphones provide a clear picture of the sound of your instruments and are very useful in sorting out stereo, space and all the finer points of a mix. They also keep DJs on top of their game when working live and are the ideal fashion accessory for the hip-hop artiste. We've got them in store to try on for size, or you'd prefer to remain sitting on your can, then browse and buy here, with consummate ease.
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