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Studio Monitor Speakers

Studio Monitor Speakers
FREE Shure Motiv MV5 with JBL LSR 3-series Monitors

Studio Monitor Speakers Intro & Info

OK, a bit of info for free. If you want some speakers to listen to tunes, then any hi-fi store will sell you a pair. Hi-fi systems are usually all about beefing up finished tracks, often giving us that 'wow' factor when we pump up the volume. 
You, however, are not just sitting in a mate's car disturbing the street with Snoop-like sub-sonics, you're creating - and that's very different. 
Studio monitors are all about hearing what is there. The truth: the good, the bad and the ugly. Great monitors will help balance your mix so you can hear everything clearly, get volumes and EQ spot-on and deal with anything that needs a-fixin'. Get it sorted with the right pair of monitors, so that when you unleash your tracks on the world you'll blow minds, not speakers.
Browse and buy here, or come in to Mega Music and check out a true pair of these good boys - we have a bunch already set up for your listening pleasure.
You'll make more than just your ears happy.
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