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USB/MIDI Controllers

USB/MIDI Controllers
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USB/MIDI Controllers Intro & Info

Chances are you understand that these keyboard-looking things (and variations thereof) called USB/MIDI controllers don't make sound, but they do control what is going on inside the digital world of your computer - and sometimes a whole lot more than that. Ultimately, finding the perfect USB/MIDI controller is all about matching up to your style of music-making.
So, do you want to go crazy on your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and play virtual instruments? Play two-handed or one-fingered? Are you all about drum pads, loops and triggering grooves or would you rather create monster synth lines in real time? Will it be compatible with your set-up? Will it fit in your apartment?
Browse here for our great range and feel free to pop into a Mega Music store. We have the people to help you find the control that puts you firmly in the driver's seat. And remember, there aren't any silly questions - especially when it comes to hi-tech!
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