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Amplifiers Intro & Info

So you've joined a Scandinavian death-metal band called War Beast and will be playing keys alongside two leather-wearing guitarists who draw blood from listening ears with their Marshall stacks. Or you're a 13 year-old practicing when mum is out shopping. Both of you keyboard maestros are going to need very loud, tough amplifiers. (Our money is on the 13 year-old for volume, though. And toughness - come to think of it.)
Whatever the job you have in mind, loud or sweet, a keyboard amp will need to handle the low and highs you put into it, the inputs, the volume and, lest you forget, you have to be willing to carry it. Until you are famous at least. We have the right amp for you here on-line and at our Mega Music stores, so browse or come on in and get matched up.
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