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Stage Keyboards

Stage Keyboards
Nord Stage 2 EX Stage Keyboards

Nord Stage 2 EX Keyboards

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Stage Keyboards Intro & Info

When it comes to your first stage keyboard our question to you is: Where do you want to go? The answer will define your decision - and your sound.
The dedicated pianist might need a digital stage piano that feels and sounds like the real thing. The band musician would do well to check out Nords, Rolands, Yamahas - stage keys that do what they do - in different ways, depending on what your focus is. Playing covers, pop, even in a church? You might need an instrument that offers a solid library of sounds at a touch. The budding creator and shaper of new sounds will love our synthesizers. If you want to be a full band on your own and create your own songs and sequences, then a workstation could well be your solution.
Come and define your TONE with us at Mega Music. Browse here and if you need some great advice to help with your decision, come in and talk to us.
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