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We're not going to lie to you. Microphones are a whole world unto themselves, where people with university doctorates debate over sonic capabilities, condenser types and complex wave-forms. Probably not for you, but the point is, mics matter. They are the only point where the vocalist (or other sound source) gets captured. The right microphone gets it right, first time.
So we like to work with a rule: Get the best microphone you can afford for the job it will need to do. It might be a range of different singers, from a whispering girl to a death-metal belcher, a lecturer or an air-raid siren. Some will handle being thrown across a stage, others will be perfect for reading the evening news. Some will gobble up the high sound pressures of a kick drum, others will work for a karaoke night. 
Feel free to browse here or pop in to a Mega Music store for a chat. Because at Mega Music, we want your next microphone to do the job you have in mind at the price that suits you.
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