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FREE Studio Mic with A&H ZEDi10 Mixers


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Channels, meters, inputs, bright colours and shiny knobs galore - Mega Music is pleased to present our range of quality mixing desks to you.
The mixing desk (mixer) is where it all comes together. Much like the cockpit of an aircraft - simple for the recreational two-seater and complex if responsible for the transport and lives of hundreds of people - the mixer will change depending on the job it does. So, as you browse, consider what you need the mixer for because that will determine how many shiny knobs you'll need.
If you need any assistance, the best place to be is at a Mega Music store where our PA experts can match you up to the right mixer for the job. You're always welcome to talk to us. We'll help you get ready for take-off.
Warm towels optional.
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