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V-Moda Headphones

V-Moda Headphones

Headphones Intro & Info

Headphones. Industry name: "cans" - not to be confused with the American slang for bottoms ("I'm about done with y'all sittin' on your cans!") - are a clever way to prevent sleep deprivation in others as you tweak that insane synth-bass at 3.18 am on a Wednesday. But for you, they do a whole lot more than help you maintain good neighbourly relations.
As a Professional music creator or mixer, you'll need high-fidelity headphones that paint the clearest possible image of your instrument or mix. So when it's time to work your magic with level, EQ, panning and depth, you'll know exactly what's working - and what needs work.
We've got plenty in our stores to try on for size, and if you'd prefer to remain sitting on your cans then browse and buy here, with consummate ease.
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