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Fender American Professional Series

Fender American Professional Series

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Do you listen to a 1950s radio? Drive a 1960s car? Watch a 1970s TV? Probably not, yet it's the classic guitars and amps from those decades that are still the most sought after. This says something about the timeless quality of the leading names in guitars and amps: Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Marshall, Taylor, Maton, Orange...and more.
For the experienced musician, Mega Music offers all the classics but with plenty of room to move and improve. We customise, follow re-issues and stock the brands who are still finding ways to refine those defining tones. Check through this section for some inspiration - new twists on the old, and great ways to explore and expand your sonic range.

And check out our video above for a bunch of great ideas and ways Mega Music can help you guys and gals constantly improve. Or just check out our guitar legend Jason Smith's shred at the end...enjoy!
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