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BOSS Acoustic Singer Amp

BOSS ACS Acoustic Singer Guitar Amplifier

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Acoustic Intro & Info

Mega Music are Perth's premier acoustic guitar retailer and our expansion continues.
Meaning? Walls of top-brand acoustics in store and that's good enough reason to come in and have a look-see. The big names are all here: Martin, Cole Clark, Taylor, Seagull, Yamaha, Ibanez, Gretsch, Takamine and Maton because we are dedicated to bringing you the very best.
So if you know a thing or two about acoustics what can we tell you? That manufacturers continue to improve their processes and deploy the latest technology such as UV lacquer for a more open, resonant sound; that the different models in a 'series' can be made very differently; that there are guitars made from timbers that you might not have tried, or are sustainably grown.
Browse, buy on-line or come and have a chat to our guitar experts at a Mega Music store.
We'll help you find the acoustic guitar that will speak to you.
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