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Fender American Professional Series

Fender American Professional Series

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OK, so most of you have your TONE and are happy with that well-worn bass for pretty much everything you are involved in. We get that. So what can Mega Music do for you?
Help you explore, for one. Try out a different brand. An electric double bass. Expand to 5-string or downsize to 4. Strap on a different model or style to expand your arsenal of sounds. It's important to remember that the price of quality basses has come down relative to our pay-packets so exploration, expansion and change isn't as hard on the hip pocket as it used to be. We can also modify your bass or give your new one plenty of personalised attention, be it pickups or colour to match your seductive hazel eyes.
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Need to know more? You can find out today at at a Mega Music store. If you were wondering if it could be done, chances are - it can.
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