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Portable Audio Recorders

Portable Audio Recorders

Portable Audio Recorders Intro & Info

In a digital world where most of your music is created on computers, why do Mega Music offer recording devices?

The main reason is that it's just easier to pick up your Zoom H4, H6, Tascam DP Portastudio or Boss BR 800 and take recording to the places where you need it done. Songwriting sessions, band rehearsal, school and academic projects, or out and about recording people, sounds, animals at the zoo. Many offer direct computer connectivity so you can bring those roars and cheeps back to your home-based software and use it in your work. Then there are some who prefer the simplicity of real dials and a box to record in, just like old times!

Whatever you need to achieve, Mega Music has the best in portable recording equipment here on-line at a competitive price. And, of course, our stores are a great place to come and talk to an expert if you have any questions. We'll help you out.

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