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Studio Monitor Speakers

Studio Monitor Speakers
FREE Shure Motiv MV5 with JBL LSR 3-series Monitors

Studio Monitor Speakers Intro & Info

As a Professional producer and/or musician, we're willing to bet that you have the ears that hear what's really happening (and not) in a mix, from levels, tone and EQ to panning and depth - the kind of perception that only experience can provide.

So that means you're choice of studio monitors is crucial to keep you in the loop - and that's where Mega Music can help you out.

We have a massive range of quality, world-class monitors here on-line and ready for you at a competitive price. And we also offer a tantalising in-store monitor experience, with a whole wall of the best in the business to listen to and make your comparisons before you buy. Then there is the Mega Music service, with expert staff keen to connect you to the perfect set of speakers, however you produce, record and create.

So have fun in here checking out studio monitors with us, or come down to a Mega Music store for a chat.

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