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USB/MIDI Controllers

USB/MIDI Controllers
Roli Seaboard RISE

NEW: Roli Seaboard Rise

M-Audio Code 25 Keyboard Controller play video
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USB/MIDI Controllers Intro & Info

Professional USB/MIDI controllers are built for the demands of today's creators, producers, DJ's and top-end musicians of every description - and Mega Music is the place to be when you need to find the ultimate in control.
Whether you're working live, triggering samples or need to connect seamlessly with your recording workflow, you'll want to keep in touch with the latest and greatest. After all, we do. 
Check out our on-line range and if you'll all over what you're after, purchase here at a competitive price. Need to explore and talk about specific requirements? We can help out. A Mega Music store boasts a great range and experts who can explain the nuances.
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