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Pro Sound & Lighting

Pro Sound & Lighting
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Pro Sound & Lighting Intro & Info

Welcome to our Pro Sound & Lighting section!
At Mega Music we understand that the scenarios can be as varied as you are when it comes to sound and lighting solutions.
You might be in a band needing a PA in your rehearsal space, or to front up to gigs with your own sound ready to go. Workplaces, shops, churches, events - just some of the places where nice clear sound is crucial if everything is to go smoothly. Then there is the world of recording, whether live, in a studio or simply at home. Point is, we have passionate industry professionals on hand, along with sound gear that is tried and tested, so we are in the best position to ensure that it matches exactly how you need it to perform, whatever the situation.
You'll find the leading brands at Mega Music: HK Audio, Shure, Peavey, Yamaha, Mackie, JBL, Behringer, EV and loads more. With a team that have dedicated themselves to creating a premier PA Department, we are able to provide the complete sound solution for major venues, studios and commercial locations.
So freely browse here or come and chat about your sound system and lighting needs with us.
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