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Electric Drums

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"JOSH!! Give it a rest, mate!" That's Dad's nice way of saying that five hours of thumping the drums is putting a little bit of strain on family peace.
Mega Music is here to save the day with the miracle known as the electric (or electronic) drum-kit. It feels like the real thing, is easy to carry and takes up minimal space. And it makes very little sound - perfect for new drummers who need to practice. A lot.
With skins that never wear out or need tuning or changing, you'll connect to a 'module' - the drum-kit's 'brain' that's full of fantastic sounds: world-class drum-kits, percussion, and weird fun stuff. Plug in your iPhone or software, and learn as you jam to the songs you love. When it's time for the world to hear, just connect up to sound systems of any kind.
Check out our range of electric drum kits here and then come and have a play at a Mega Music store, so you get the one that looks, feels and sounds just right.
You'll thank us and so will Dad.
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