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Acoustic & Classical

Acoustic & Classical
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Acoustic & Classical Intro & Info

An acoustic or classical guitar is the perfect place to begin your musical journey. 
Pick it up, give it a strum and you're away, anywhere. Simple. Soothing chords, stomping rhythms, or sweet notes. Magical. It's pretty easy to learn a few chords and with a little practice, you'll be well on your way to a great sound.
Just a second though. Is it right for you? Classical or steel string? What about the size - is the guitar for an adult, teenager or child? Which one best suits your budget? There's a bit to think about. 
That's why a trip to a Mega Music store to chat with our staff is a great idea. After all, we love music and want to help you make the best possible start. The start that will have you looking back one day and feeling glad you took up playing guitar.
Browse this section to look at our range of acoustic and classical guitars then feel free to come and talk to us.
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