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Roland CUBE-20GX Guitar Amplifier play video
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Roland Amp Demo - Cube 20GX

Amplifiers Intro & Info

If you have an electric guitar or bass, you'll need to plug it in to an amplifier. (Call it an 'amp', if you don't already.) So at Mega Music, we combine guitars and amps in packages to suit the budding guitarist and bass player. 
However, an amp does much more than let you hear your guitar. It defines your sound, your tone, and that will really matter once you get going. Some amps rock loud and heavy, others keep it clean and plenty do both or something in between. And size matters - from the bedroom practice amp to the band room and beyond.
How to decide? The best amp for you is the one that suits your kind of music, your budget, your room size, how strong your arms are and even how loud you can go before mum decides it's time you went "unplugged."
Browse here, then come and talk about amps with us at Mega Music. We've already thought about all that and we'll help you make the right choice.
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