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Propellerhead Reason 11 Student Teacher DAW Software - Digital Copy

Manufacturer: Propellerhead
Propellerhead Reason 11 Student Teacher DAW Software - Digital Copy is a powerful collection of fantastic instruments, synthesizers and effects for you to create endless amazing sounds and music. Use it as a plugin with your favorite DAW or produce music in Reason standalone.
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This product is an eLicense only. It is a digital download and does not include a box or physical product. You simply download with the code we provide. eLicenses usually take between 6-48 hours to be emailed. This version of Reason 11 is for currently-enrolled students & teachers. Education ID required.

Bring your favourite Reason devices into any DAW with the Reason Rack Plugin (VST/AU - AU version coming soon). Or, sequence faster than ever with razor sharp focus. Edit, draw, crossfade, curve and zoom–building your tracks in no time. Craft and polish your sound with new innovative modulation effects and a trio of devices pulled from Reason’s million-dollar mixing console.

From the easy and straightforward to the esoteric and downright complex, Reason comes with all the instruments and effects you need to get going with your music making, no matter what sound or what style of music you are into. Explore, combine, tweak and connect–find your sound with the Reason Rack.

Plug a huge supply of premium synthesizers, sampled instruments and effects into your favourite DAW. Reason 11 adds the Reason Rack Plugin–a VST version of the legendary Reason Rack with all its devices, creative sound design, modular routing and a huge library of loops, sounds and samples.

Create any sound you want by dragging instruments and effects to the Reason Rack. Everything is automatically connected for you in a logical top-to-bottom flow. Start with an instrument. Add an effect by dropping it under the instrument. Add a MIDI Player effect by dragging and dropping to the top.

For quick access to amazing sounds, find what you need in among thousands of synth patches, sampled instruments, loops and sounds created by world-class sound designers. You’ll find patches for specific devices or Combinator patches that combines any number of instrument and effects to deliver just the sound you need. Scary to some and strangely alluring to others, the backside of Reason’s rack is where you can go all-modular with the free routing of audio and control voltage signals.

Control synth filters from envelope followers, control panning with LFOs or split up the audio signal to create huge sonic landscapes with parallel processing. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can make music in Reason without ever diving into cable-town.

This, standard version of Reason 11 comes with 17 instruments, 29 effects, 57 total devices and a 7GB sound and sample library. Outside of the Reason Rack plugin, Reason 11 adds 2 new devices - Quartet Chorus Ensemble: four flavours of chorus and ensemble effects. from classic vintage chorus to the unique sound of granular ensemble and the Sweeper Modulation Effect, a high quality, multi-talented phaser, flanger and filter unit with expansive dynamic modulation options. Additionally Reason 11 now allows you to place their much loved Master Bus Compressor, Channel Dynamics and Channel EQ plugins anywhere in your signal chain.

Reason 11 also features a host of new and highly requested workflow improvements such as the ability to draw curved automation, audio clip crossfades directly in the sequencer timeline, draw in multiple notes with the pen tool and then mute individual notes, increased vertical track height, which is now adjustable on a per track basis and more!

If you're not familiar with Reason, it's unique virtual rack format offers an extremely versatile approach to making music. Fill your rack with as many devices as you need to get your sound. Reason’s legendary instruments and effects cover every need from acoustic and organic to electronic and synthetic.

As you build your rack, everything is automatically connected and routed for you. If you want to dive deeper, turn Reason’s rack around and you’ll find yourself in cable heaven! Craft the sound you are after by routing audio and control voltage freely between devices in the rack. Your imagination is the only limitation to what you can build.

Reason also boasts a powerful sequencer. Record and edit audio, MIDI or automation with powerful recording and editing tools. Quantize MIDI or audio to fix timing problems, or use ReGroove’s swing magic to breathe life into your sequences. Always in sync with your flow, forever adapting to you and your working methods.

Then once you're ready mix-down, you can use Reason's faithfully modelled version of the legendary SSL 9000k analog mixing desk, with flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, full automation, groups and parallel channels and its famous master-bus compression


  • NEW Reason Rack Plugin - Use Reason's rack in your favourite DAW
  • NEW Quartet Chorus Ensemble device
  • NEW Sweeper Modulation Effect
  • Legendary EQ and Dynamics from the mixer are now available as rack devices
  • Sequencer workflow improvements like curved automation and audio clip crossfades
  • 17 total instruments
  • 29 effects
  • Versatile multi-track sequencer
  • VST Plug-in support

Watch: Reason 11 - Make music the way you want


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