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Regal Tip

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Regal Tip Aluminum Handle Retractable Wire Bristle

Brushes will stay in shape better because they retract.

Regal Tip Black Out EX Multi-Purpose Nylon Bristle Brushes

Heavy molded rubber handle, Poly bristles, adjustable sound control ring.

Regal Tip Classic Telescoping Wire Brushes Rubber Handle

The Regal Tip Classic Retractable Wire Brushes have a comfortable gum rubber grip and retractable bristles that can be adjusted to different spreads to fit any sound you want.

Regal Tip Clayton Cameron Multi-Function Wire Brushes

The Clayton Cameron Multi-Function Wire Brushes let you do things that you just can't do with other brushes. Made with medium gauge wire, the brushes give you a warm, smooth tone.

Regal Tip Ed Thigpen Brushes Retractable Wire

The 584W is a retractable wire brush with a Rubber and Wood handle for a comfortable grip and great cross-sticking action.

Regal Tip Ed Thigpen Poly Bristle Brushes

Regal Tip® teamed up to produce this Ed Thigpen Nylon Bristle Performer Series specialty brush. The flexible handle molds to your hand for ultimate comfort. Adjustable sound rings allow you adjust the plastic bristles to produce different sound punctuations depending on your playing situation.

Regal Tip Flares Red Nylon Bristle

Red nylon multi rods.

Regal Tip Grip Fatty Thai Wood Rods

Fat multi rods with grip.

Regal Tip Grip Thai Wood Rods

Thin multi rods with grip.

Regal Tip Hickory Handle Wire Bristle Brushes

The Regal Tip Hickory Handle Brush are non-adjustable “drummers brushes”. They feature a fixed-spread wire brush with an American hickory wood handle and the famous Regal Tip finish.

Regal Tip Jason Sutter Wire Brushes

“ The Sutter” has a medium gauge wire (.016) resulting in a more articulate wash for snare drum playing. Its thicker gauge wire is less flexible than the classic 583 and allows clearer articulation when playing rim shots and backbeats. The Jason Sutter brush is great for any style of music from Jazz, Country, R&B, and rock.
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Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton Retractable Signature Brushes

Retractable Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton Signature Brushes have a comfort fit handle and heavier wires for maximum playability. This retractable wire brush has a patented, adjustable spread with thicker metal wires for a brighter, louder sound and a slightly stiffer feel. You will hear the difference.

Regal Tip John JR Robinson Extra Length Wire Brushes

Regal Tip and John "JR" Robinson teamed up to produce this "John "JR" Robinson" Performer Series brush. The extra long handle has a soft grip and great balance. The retractable wire brush features a patented, adjustable spread.

Regal Tip Mallets Hard Felt Cymbal Mallet

Diameter: 0.580" Length: 14.75" Cymbal mallet.

Regal Tip Mayhem Mallets

Mean and solid for the hard hits.

Regal Tip Nylon Brushes Fatcat Model

Regal Tip®'s Fat Cat is a fixed nylon brush that will give players a fuller, fatter sound. The soft rubber handle has a thick, comfortable grip and a molded ball-shape end for cymbal rolls.

Regal Tip Throw Wire Bristle Brushes

Retractable wire brushes that retract to 7 inches.

Regal Tip Ultraflex Nylon Bristle Brushes

Extra long nylon bristles, Hickory handle brush.

Regal Tip Whiskers Nylon Bristle Brushes

Regal Tip "Whiskers" are lightweight, vinyl covered aluminum handle brushes with nylon bristles for soft, full sound. The fixed-spread bristles give a fuller, fatter sound quality.

Regal Tip XL Hickory Handle Wire Bristle Brushes

The Regal Tip “XL” Hickory Handle Brush is a fixed-spread, wire brush with a thick American hickory wood handle with the famous Regal Tip finish. The extra wide and longer handle is great for back-sticking. Dimensions are 13.75″ length and .562″ diameter.

Regal Tip Yellow Jacket Retractable Wire Bristle

The Regal Tip Yellow Jacket Throw Brush features a wide wire spread, a rubber handle to provide a comfortable grip, and a nylon butt end for cymbal playing and drumming.

Regal Tip Yellow Jacket Throw Wire Bristle Brushes

Economy throw brush with quality materials.
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