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The sliding twang of a resonator guitar is the sound of blues and many great country tracks.

The growing popularity of all things vintage means plenty of our friends come into a Mega Music store to check out our range.

Pop into a Mega Music store for some resonator action, or check out our range here online.

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Gretsch G9221 Bobtail Round Neck Steel Resonator Guitar - Pump House Roof

With innovation at its core, the Gretsch® G9221 Bobtail Steel Round-Neck A.E. will impress your audience with its sweet quality of tone at cutting volumes.
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Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round Neck Resonator Guitar - Natural Mahogany

The miracle of volume! With its mahogany "long-body" design and comfortable "soft V"-shaped neck, this faithful reissue of the 1930s classic sounds and plays like a million bucks.
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Gretsch G9201 Honey Dipper Round Neck Brass Body Resonator Guitar - Shed Roof

One strum of the Honey Dipper Round-Neck Resonator Guitar transports you back 80 years to a hobo jungle just off the tracks, where wandering workers congregate in camaraderie and the comforting and captivating strains of a real all-metal resonator guitar waft through the smoke of oil-drum fires and enchant the ears with a sound like raindrops beating on a rusty pump house roof.
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Grestch G9240 Alligator Round Neck Mahogany Body Resonator Guitar - 2-Colour Sunburst

The miracle of volume! Whether you play chunk rhythm, fingerstyle, bottleneck or anything else, the all-mahogany G9240 Alligator Biscuit Roundneck resonator guitar with deluxe appointments projects its distinctively swampy tone all the way to the back door of any dancehall.
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