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Tanglewood TWD1 Resonator Guitar - Vintage Sunburst Gloss

After researching the Folk instrument market further we noticed that there was a need for affordable niche products to allow the budding George Formby to hit the instrument ladder and serenade their window cleaner or the next Eric Clapton to pick up a resonator and get playing. With that in mind Tanglewood designed the ukulele banjo and resonator you see below offering great specification at affordable prices.
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Grestch G9240 Alligator Round Neck Mahogany Body Resonator Guitar - 2-Colour Sunburst

The miracle of volume! Whether you play chunk rhythm, fingerstyle, bottleneck or anything else, the all-mahogany G9240 Alligator Biscuit Roundneck resonator guitar with deluxe appointments projects its distinctively swampy tone all the way to the back door of any dancehall.
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Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Round Neck Resonator Guitar Vintage Brown

An American classic, the Dobro® resonator guitar has been part country, blues, and bluegrass since its arrival in the early 1920s.
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Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe Round Neck Resonator Guitar Vintage Brown

The Dobro® resonator guitar has been an American classic since its arrival in the early 1920''s.
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Gretsch G9221 Bobtail Round Neck Steel Body Resonator Guitar Weathered Pump House Roof

With innovation at its core, the Gretsch® G9221 Bobtail Steel Round-Neck A.E. will impress your audience with its sweet quality of tone at cutting volumes.
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