Roland TD-1KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit (TD1KV)

The Roland TK1KV adds the extra joy of a mesh-head snare for supreme feel and response. Roland have had 30 years of dedicated drum development under their belt so that you know you have the best there is, whether a beginner or professional drummer.
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There's a lot to be said for getting a Roland TD1KV V-Drums Electronic Drumkit.

For a start, you can trust that you are getting the best in the business. No company has worked harder on learning what drummers need in an electric drumkit and then developing the technology to deliver. Roland V-Drums sound amazingly realistic, feel like the real thing and are built to last.

There are some practical reasons to get into a set of V-Drums. They only occupy a small space compared to their acoustic counterparts. They are quiet and can be practiced on through a set of headphones or speakers, making volume adjustment possible. This makes them a popular choice for homes where the drummer is a young person who needs to consider who else lives there - such as parents!

Watch: Get a tour of the V-Drums TD-1KV with David Cannava.

But that's just the beginning. Buying a TD1KV is to begin a musical journey. You can build on the drumkit as your style develops. You can chose from 15 authentic sounding drumkits. You can record and practice to music to learn and check on your progress. 

The feel of the drum pads of a TD1KV is testament to Roland's attention to detail. A true drummer needs pads to respond just as the skins of a real drumkit do, with reflex and bounce. This is key to learning and improving drumming technique and also the amazing speed and accuracy with which professional players execute their skills. Don't let yourself down long term, get into a set of V-Drums if you want to play just like the pros.

Built right into the TD-1KV is a wealth of enjoyable functions to encourage learning, no matter whether you’re teaching yourself to play, studying regularly with an instructor, or simply want to keep your skills polished. Think of this kit as your own live-in drum teacher and personal backing band, packed with tutorial features that develop technique, boost motivation, and help you get the most out of practice time. Play along with the onboard metronome to tighten your timing, and use Coach mode to build and maintain speed, stamina, and accuracy. Get ready for your first band by jamming with the internal songs in the sound module, or connect a smartphone or music player via the Mix In jack and drum along with your favorite tunes. With the onboard recording function, you’ll get instant feedback of your progress as well as quickly capture and playback a new fill or creative groove.


Traditional acoustic drums are extremely loud. Playing them at home is fun for you, but can be a problem for everyone else around! Quieter operation is a major benefit of electronic drums, and the Roland TD-1K is particularly quiet where it counts, thanks to the sound module’s headphone jack and the noise-reducing design of the snare, tom, and cymbal pads. While many electronic drum kits annoy the neighbors as the beater strikes the kick drum, the TD-1KV reduces volume with a special beater-less pedal design. Optional NE-10 Noise Eater units can be used under the kick and hi-hat pedals to further reduce noise transfer to other rooms below.

With plenty of other features, like computer connectivity, easy of set-up and more, check out why there is a world of drummers who love the Roland TK1KV.


  • Acclaimed V-Drums sound and performance in an entry-level set
  • Enjoy drumming in any musical style with 15 expressive drum kits
  • Mesh-head PDX-8 V-Pad provides realistic snare drum feel with head/rim triggering
  • Supports essential acoustic drum techniques, including cymbal choke, advanced hi-hat playing, and more
  • Build playing skills with the onboard Coach function, metronome, and recorder
  • Practice along with onboard audio songs or your own tracks played from a smartphone or music player connected to the Mix In jack
  • Beater-less kick pedal provides low noise for playing without disturbing others, ideal for practicing at home
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design and stylish looks to suit any room in your home
  • Sturdy drum rack with quick and easy height adjustment for every drummer, from kids to adults
  • Many upgrade options for enhanced performance, including OP-TD1C for an additional crash cymbal, KT-10 or KD-9 for kick, and more
  • USB-MIDI for using the TD-1KV with the DT-1 Drum Tutor, V-Drums Friend Jam series, and other popular computer music software
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
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