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Samson C01 Studio Condenser Microphone

Great value large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Samson C01U Studio Condenser Microphone - USB

Bringing affordable to USB microphone technology.

Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones Pair

Mega Music is the place for the best in studio microphones.

Samson C03 Studio Condenser Microphone (Multi-Pattern)

Mega Music is the place for the best in studio microphones.

Samson C03-U Studio USB Condenser Microphone (C03U)

Mega Music is the place for the best in studio microphones.

Samson CM11B Omni-Directional Boundary Microphone

The surface mount CM11B has an Omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures sound in a 180 degree pattern. A perfect application would be to place a CM11B microphone in the center of a board room or conference table to pick up everyone in the meeting.

Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Condenser Microphone 15 Inch

The CM15P is a high-quality gooseneck microphone for any podium application. The condenser element and cardioid pickup pattern provide optimum sound quality for speech and presentations.

Samson CM20P Gooseneck Podium Condenser Microphone 20 Inch

The CM20P features a flexible top and bottom section that allows a variety of positioning applications. The condenser element and cardioid pickup pattern provides optimum sound quality for all types of speech and vocal presentations.

Samson CO1U Pro USB Condenser Microphone

No-latency monitoring, the quality USB mic for recording that gives outstanding results.

Samson Go Mic - Portable Condenser USB Microphone

Go! The microphone from Samson that GO-es straight to your computer.

Samson Go Mic Direct - Portable USB Microphone with Noise Cancellation Technology

The ideal portable audio solution for Skype, FaceTime, voice recognition software, as well as recording audio for YouTube, lectures, podcasts and webinars.

Samson Meteor Mic - Studio USB Condenser Microphone

Get a real studio microphone sound into your computer - the Samson Meteor is a desktop beauty.

Samson SE50 Earset Microphone with Micro-Miniature Condenser Capsule (Black)

Samson's SE50 Earset Microphone is a low profile, micro-miniature condenser microphone with a 2.5mm capsule that provides outstanding audio reproduction. It features a moisture resistant design, making it perfect for presentation, fitness and other vocal applications.
$279.00 $175
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Samson XP-360B Expedition Express Portable PA System (XP360)

The Samson XP-360B Expedition Express is a portable PA with Bluetooth connection.
$379.00 $229
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Samson XP-106B Expedition Portable PA System (XP106B)

The Samson XP-16B is a portable PA system with Bluetooth connectivity.
$529.00 $319
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Samson XP-106W Expedition Portable Wireless PA System (XP106W)

The Samson XP-16B is a portable PA system with Bluetooth connectivity. This version includes the wireless component, so you can operate a microphone from anywhere without cables.
$649.00 $399
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Samson XPD2-PRES Presentation USB Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone System (XPD2PRES)

The XPD2-PRES combines a wireless lavalier microphone with a USB receiver to give the speaker or presenter the ability to present hands-free. It is suited to lectures, presentations and public speaking.

Samson Wireless CON88HANDHELD Dual UHF Wireless System

Samson takes the worry out of wireless with the Concert 288 Handheld Wireless System. Offering easy setup, flawless operation and premium sound, it’s the ideal high-performance UHF wireless solution for vocal performances, presentations, educational applications and more where two users are needed.
$599.00 $399
In stock - ready to ship

Samson UB1 Boundary Style USB Microphone

In light of the remarkable success of our USB microphones, Samson introduces the new UB1 USB boundary microphone. The UB1 is a surface-mount condenser microphone featuring an omni-directional pickup pattern and USB connectivity for easy recording directly to your computer. Since the UB1 is a class compliant USB device, it is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.
$175.00 $99
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Samson Auro D1500A 15inch 1000watt Active Subwoofer

Samson's Auro D1500 Active Subwoofer provides powerful lows that let audiences not only hear, but "feel" the bass. The Auro D1500 packs an unbelievable 1,000 watts of heart-thumping power in a sleek, low profile enclosure that weighs just over 50 pounds, making it ideal for gigging musicians, mobile DJs and other general sound reinforcement applications. The Auro D1500 Active Subwoofer goes where low-end is a must.
$1,379.00 $777
In stock - ready to ship

Samson BT30 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver

Samson's BT30 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver transforms Apple 30-pin dock audio players, including select Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs, into Bluetooth-enabled receivers capable of streaming music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets and laptops. Ultra-convenient and easy-to-use, the BT30 lets you enjoy the latest in audio playback technology without sacrificing the useful accessories you’ve grown accustomed to for playing music, such as older iHomes, PA systems and more.
$67.00 $40
In stock - ready to ship
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