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Sennheiser e 835 Live Vocal Microphone (E835)

Sennheiser e 835 Live Vocal Microphone (E835)

The e 835 dynamic cardioid live mic represents industry standard vocal microphone quality, at an affordable price.
$149.00 $88

Sennheiser e 845 Vocal Microphone - Dynamic Super Cardioid (E845)

The Sennheiser e 845 dynamic super-cardioid mic is a superb choice when you need a high quality, professional microphone that captures vocals at a friendly price.

Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone for Drums

Clip on this little ripper for your drums.

Sennheiser E901 Half Cardioid Condenser Boundary Mic

Kick drums, boundary sound and more can be captured.

Sennheiser E906 Super Cardioid Guitar Amp Microphone

Just throw it in front of your amp and crank it for top tone.

Sennheiser E908B Consenser Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone

For wind instruments, congas, and drums with free-floating suspension system.