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Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Systems - XSW or G4?

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Systems - XSW or G4?

So, you want to go wireless, cut the cables and gain freedom? You know the name Sennheiser and the reputation it has for great quality wireless microphone systems. You might have seen the different models Mega Music offer but which one is right for you? 

It can all be a bit confusing, even for people experienced in the audio industry. This little article aims to explain some of the differences between two of the most popular Sennheiser wireless systems and some of the terms you will hear when talking about wireless systems.



The XSW series is a great option if you are a solo musician, solo singer, presenter or instructor. Designed to provide great Sennheiser quality at an affordable price, the XS series is a solid choice for the artist looking to make the jump into the wireless world.

Within the XSW line, there are 2 options aimed at your specific requirements. The XSW1 series are portable, non-rack-mountable wireless solution aimed at making wireless easy for everyone. Having the freedom to move around onstage doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It’s as easy and switching it on and letting the built-in automatic frequency management do the rest. The XSW2 series shares the same features of the XSW1 series but comes in a rack-mountable format designed to live in a rack – this makes it much easier to transport and run multiple systems in one unit. On top of this feature, the XSW2 series offers manual setup options.

If you are unsure about wireless frequencies and tech terms like “bandwidth” and “diversity” the XSW Series is a great option as it automatically searches for free frequencies and synchronises your transmitter and receiver so you are ready to go with minimum chance of interference. Oh, and if you want to know what those tech terms mean, keep reading.



If you need to go to the next level for live situations with more microphones being used at once – you might need greater control over frequencies and channels but you still want a system that is easy to configure and use. A handy feature of the G4 systems is that when you use the receiver to scan for a free frequency, the transmitter easily synchronises the transmitter to the correct frequency via infrared. The same is true for the Wireless In Ear Systems in the G4 series – the transmitter can be easily synchronised to the receiver.

The G4 system offers a broader array of options and offers a bigger range of microphones as well as In Ear Monitor systems. This allows you to get an option that is exactly what you need for almost any given situation.

Below are some options of the G4 systems we stock here at Mega Music.



Frequency - In very simple terms, the frequency is the rate that the radio waves are transmitted between the transmitter (microphone) and receiver. Each microphone has to be paired to its receiver with a unique frequency. If you have more than one device transmitting at the same frequency, you end up with interference and no control over individual sound levels. Both the XSW and G4 systems handle the frequency complexities for you. Probably the most important thing to know is that the G4 series offers more frequency options than the XSW series meaning that more microphones can be used in the same venue at the same time with a G4 system.

Bandwidth – This is the range of frequencies that can be used for transmitting wirelessly. Basically, the bigger the bandwidth range, the more individual frequencies you have available to transmit on, hence more mics can be used at the same time. Once again this is handled automatically by the very clever Sennheiser systems.

Diversity - A diversity system reduces the chance of your wireless mic dropping out as you move around. Put simply, a diversity system has more than one antenna. As you move around, one antenna may lose signal. If this happens, the other antenna can kick in and receive the signal. Both the XSW and G4 systems offer this very important feature.


Still unsure about the best way to proceed into the wonderful world of wireless? Have any questions about which wireless is the one for you? The friendly staff at Mega Music are more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have - just get in touch with us!

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