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AMS ED800 CPK Plastic Egg Shaker

AMS Plastic Egg Shaker- colours may vary

Mano Percussion Cajon ABS Finger Shaker

Easy to use shaker that attaches to your fingers.

Mano Percussion UE822 Wooden Block Hand Shaker

Wooden shaker that is filled with beads, a versatile shaker.

Mano Percussion UE830 Cajon Finger Jingle

Get two mini tambourines on your fingers.

Mano Percussion UE831 Cajon Finger Shaker

Put these on your fingers for a maracas sound. Great for classroom entertainment.

Mano Percussion UE834 Cajon Foot Tambourine

Jingles that attach to the feet.

Meinl Wood Shaker Large

Get a wide array of interesting sounds with this shaker made from a combination of different woods.

Meinl Heel Shaker Plastic - Black

A great sounding shaker that connects to the heel of your shoe for ease of use.

Meinl Foot Shaker

Now you can play shakers while you rock out on the guitar or other instrument.

Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker - Black

A great sounding shaker in black!

Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker - Grey

A great sounding shaker in grey!

LP LP442F Finger Shot

These great sounding shakers strap right onto your fingers while you play your favourite drum.