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Signature Drumsticks

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Ahead LU Lars Ulrich Signature Drumsticks - Nylon Tip

A muti-purpose, best-selling drumstick for heavy rock. Designed specifically for Lars Ulrich and a demanding Metallica-style performance.

Ahead TC Tommy Lee Concert Signature Drumsticks - Nylon Tip

Designed for Tommy Lee's style of playing, providing durability and shock resistance. An extra-long and slightly top heavy drumstick with plenty of speed.

Promark AM Hickory 2BX Dave Lombardo Nylon Tip Drumsticks

The 2BX stick was designed by Cuban-American heavy metal drummer, Dave Lombardo. It's thick diameter combined with a short taper and oval tip provide power for the heavier hitter.

Promark AM Hickory 515 Wood - Joey Jordison Drumsticks

The 515 was designed by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. It features a classic 5A diameter, a slim neck for fast precise rebound and a full round bead for great articulation and projection.

Promark AM Hickory 5AX - Chris Adler Wood Drumsticks

The 5AX was design by Chris Adler, drummer for the heavy metal band Lamb of God. Similar to a 5A in length and diameter, the 5AX is fast and powerful. The Acorn wood tip provides a dark tone and is ideal for acoustic performance.

Promark AM Hickory 5BX Nylon - Jason Bittner Drumsticks

The 5BX was designed by American metal drummer Jason Bittner. His stick is an excellent general purpose stick for those who like a larger diameter. It's medium taper allows for a balanced rebound.

Promark AM Hickory 707 - Simon Phillips Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 707 was designed by Simon Phillips, British rock legend. It features a 5A-style diameter with a long taper making it fast and responsive. The large round bead produces a bright, articulate sound.

Promark AM Hickory 717 - Rick Latham Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 717 was designed by drummer, writer and clinician Rick Latham. His book Advanced Funk Studies is a modern day classic. The long taper and barrel tip provide a quick rebound with a broad sound.

Promark AM Hickory 721 - M Minnemann Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 721 was designed by Marco Minnemann, German drummer and teacher extraordinaire. The 721 features a slightly larger diameter than a standard 5A and the long taper allows for control and precision.

Promark AM Hickory 721B - M Minnemann Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 721B was designed by Marco Minnemann, German drummer and teacher extraordinaire. The 721B features a thicker diameter than his 721 for extra power, but includes a thin neck and long taper for speed and agility.

Promark AM Hickory 733 - Michael Carvin Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 733 was designed by jazz great Michael Carvin. Its slightly smaller than a 5A in diameter, allowing for a comfortable feel in your hand. The ultra thin neck and small round bead allow for a responsive stick with great articulation on the drums and rid

Promark AM Hickory 735 - Steve Ferrone Wood Tip Drumsticks

The 735 was designed by drumming legend Steve Ferrone. His stick features a medium taper and an oval bead for control and extreme length when extra reach is desired.
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