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Single Bass Drum Pedals

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DW Drums DWCP2000 Single Bass Drum Pedal (DW 2000)

Solid bass drum pedal that's ready for action.

DW Drums DWCP3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal (DW 3000)

Top notch kick pedal at a friendly price.

Tama HP30 Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Tama HP30 Single Bass Drum Pedal is inspired by the famous Iron Cobra range, using the same offset cam design, and it's affordable.

PDP Concept Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

Fast flagship kick drum pedal from PDP.

Pearl P-3000D Demon Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

Fast, smooth, versatile and responsive. This one's a hit. Or rather, a kick.

Pearl P-930 Longboard Single Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl’s P930 Longboard Pedal merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a bass drum pedal never before available in this price range.

DW 5000AD4 Delta III Single Kick Pedal

With the latest in kick pedal refinements, including Toe Clamp.

DW 9000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal with Extended Footboard

The 9000 combines feel, speed and power. Who wants some?

DW 9000 Series Single Kick Pedal

Feel the speed, feel the power with the flagship DW 9000 bass drum pedal.

PDP SP400 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

Get racing with the 400 Series kick pedal from PDP.

Pearl P-2050B Eliminator Redline Single Bass Drum Pedal Belt Drive

The PowerShifter Eliminator gets 'redlined' for a top performance kick pedal.

Pearl P-2050C Eliminator Redline Single Bass Drum Pedal Chain Drive

Get personal. Patented interchangeable cam system makes the Eliminator a stand-out kick pedal from the crowd.

Pearl P-3000C Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal with Case

Chain drive for feel and power added to the demon.

Pearl P-3001D Demon Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal Conversion Kit

Add double pedals to your existing single pedal.

Pearl P-830 Demon Style Single Bass Drum Pedal

Light and sturdy bass drum pedal that you'll get a kick out of.

Sonor Jojo Mayer Signature Perfect Balance Kick Pedal

A drummer's drummer designs a perfectly balanced bass drum pedal.

Yamaha FP7210A Single Chain Drive Kick Pedal

Versatile and highly adjustable bass drum pedal.
In stock - ready to ship

Tama HP900RN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Single Kick Drum Pedal

The Rolling Glide cam is a true round sprocket that provides smooth, consistent action throughout the entire course of the beater stroke. It gives the Iron Cobra a light yet more controllable feel.

Tama HP910LN Speed Cobra Single Kick Drum Pedal

Faster than ever before with less effort - that's the Speed Cobra bass drum pedal experience.

Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Power Glide Single Bass Drum Pedal

Upgrade your foot power with an Iron Cobra.

Yamaha FPDS2A DS550 Drum Throne and Single Bass Drum Pedal Pack

Amazingly affordable drum throne and kick drum pedal package from Yamaha.
In stock - ready to ship
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