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Stone Deaf FX

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Stone Deaf Syncopy Analogue Delay Effects Pedal

The Syncopy is a digitally controlled analog delay pedal featuring 1000m/s of delay time. Fully analog but with a digital brain allowing this pedal to have the warmth and quirkiness of an analog pedal but with the control of a digital pedal.
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Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde Distortion Effects Pedal

The Trashy Blonde is a classic Marshall® amps type of British Distortion pedal that allows you to dial in some tones from AC/DC classic 70's rock and roll to JCM800 territory. Best placed in front of an amp that is verging on breakup so you can definitely push it over the limit into luscious rock tones.
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Stone Deaf Tremotron Tremolo Effects Pedal

The Tremotron is a digitally controlled dual analog tremolo with assignable presets inbuilt and accessible via midi.
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Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression Pedal

EP-1 Expression pedal is our dedicated expression pedal for our overdrives only. Using a custom C100K Rev Log pot to create analog wah, tone filtering and phaser tones when used with our overdrives.
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Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Classic Muff Effects Pedal

The Fig Fumb is based on a classic Big Muff circuit but with super amount of stability due to the fact it has an inbuilt foot-switchable noise gate and with the added value of an expression input you can get fuzz wah, fuzz phaser, and tone control with your foot.
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Stone Deaf Kliptonite Dual Overdrive and Fuzz Effects Pedal

The Kliptonite is a unusual pedal that is quite unique in its functionality in that you have one fuzz and one overdrive circuit that are foot-switchable and mixable using the mirror mix knob.
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Stone Deaf PDF-2 Boost Effects Pedal

PDF-2 Parametric Distortion Filter. This is the younger brother of the original PDF-1 we built and as used by Josh Homme, Nick Valensi and many other infamous guitarists.
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Stone Deaf Warp Drive Distortion Effects Pedal

Warp Drive high gain distortion pedal with built in noise gate.
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