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Taylor 800 Series Acoustic Guitars

Guided by the design strokes of luthier Andy Powers and the manufacturing expertise of Bob Taylor, Taylor has reconceived its flagship rosewood/spruce 800 Series, infusing it with a sweeping array of tone-enhancing refinements. Virtually every element of the guitar’s material construction was optimised: bracing, wood thicknesses, glues, finish, strings and acoustic electronics, topped off with a refreshed design aesthetic. The end result is the perfect type of musical celebration: a more inspiring playing experience.
While there are certain core qualities that Andy Powers says he strives to bring to any guitar — volume, sustain, clarity, uniformity of character — one of his driving goals in redesigning the 800 Series was to accentuate the unique characteristics of each different shape. “I want these models to have a family resemblance, but I don’t want them to sound the same,” he says. “I wanted to consider the 812ce, for example, not as it relates to the 810ce, but as it relates to itself.” 
The resulting tonal distinctions between each shape, Bob Taylor feels, are far from subtle. “I think players will really enjoy experiencing these new guitars and comparing different models,” he says. “In a way, there’s a rebirth of every one of them.”
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Taylor 812ce 12-Fret Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

The Grand Concert’s intimate body size and short-scale neck make for a comfortable playing experience that fingerstyle players are bound to love.

Taylor 812ce 12-Fret Spruce/Rosewood Deluxe Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

This cutaway 12-fret Grand Concert blends incredible playing comfort — the result of the compact 12-fret design, slinky handfeel, and an ergonomic radius armrest — with a tonal response that’s impressively bold, warm and punchy for its intimate body size.

Taylor 812ce Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

Taylor’s rosewood/spruce Grand Concert is all about articulation and intimacy.

Taylor 814ce Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

Taylor’s popular 814ce offers players the ultimate all-purpose guitar.

Taylor 814ce Spruce/Rosewood Deluxe Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

This deluxe-edition 814ce takes a best-selling Taylor model to even greater heights.

Taylor 816ce Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar with Pickup and Cutaway

Slightly bigger than Taylor’s Grand Auditorium body style, the Grand Symphony 816ce yields a powerful and rich sound without sacrificing bell-like articulation.
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