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TC Electronic

The finest in Danish audio (not pastry) is here at Mega Music with TC Electronic guitar effects pedals.

The tone is clear and transparent across the range, with beauties like Flashback, Hall of Fame, MojoMojo and Dark Matter delivering an authentic tube amp sound and a host of delays, flange, chorus and reverb, to name a few. Another feature worth considering is Tone Print – signature sounds from guitar greats - beamed from a hand-held device direct into the pedal. The things you kids can do these days...

TC Electronic are the professional choice for those needing their guitar sound strong and pure, so check them out with Mega Music online or in-store where you can take one, or three, for a spin.

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TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo Pedal

The new vintage delay pedal that captures the classic sound of tape delay.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal

A modern shimmer and wobble on your chorus sound that shall please you. Step on this magical guitar pedal.

TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Pedal

Awesome guitar chorus in a bite-sized guitar pedal.

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

The player's distortion pedal adding character and tone to your driven sounds.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal

Add layer upon layer of guitar loops with this simple looping pedal at an affordable price.

TC Electronic Ditto x2 Looper Pedal

A classic loop pedal with enhancements that takes your playing to a new level.
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