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The Young Flute Player Book 2 by Karen North

Manufacturer: Hal Leonard
This is the second method book in The Young Flute Player series and it’s packed with a huge amount of repertoire!
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The music includes everything from Baroque masterpieces by Bach to Ragtime music by Joplin. There are also traditional folk tunes, exercises, studies, festive music and a section of 14 longer concert pieces.
The progressive units introduced new material gradually, and the exercises and scales are directly related to the pieces. Words are included for some of the song tunes to assist with understanding breathing and phrasing. Italian words for style and tempo are illustrated with fun cartoon pictures to help students remember the meaning of terms.
To help students practise, there are FREE YOUTUBE recordings for every piece, as well piano backing tracks and duet recordings.


  • Easy-to-read fingering charts for every note of the flute
  • Manuscript paper
  • Practice charts
  • Scales charts
  • Theory reference section
  • Music puzzles


  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 level
  • 104 pages
  • 47 exercises (including tone development) and studies
  • 58 pieces (including 14 extended pieces)
  • More advanced rhythms including dotted quavers and syncopated rhythms
  • Time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, C, and 6/8
  • Pitch range from D below staff to F above staff
  • Scales - C major, G major, F major, D major, Bb major, A minor, E minor, D minor, B minor, G minor (all harmonic and melodic), F chromatic, D chromatic
  • Introduction of dynamics, accent, fermata, tempo markings, 1st and 2nd time endings, D.C. al Fine, trills

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