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Your Guide To Keeping Kids Entertained During The Pandemic.

Your Guide To Keeping Kids Entertained During The Pandemic.

It's fair to say that the Covid-19 situation has been challenging for everyone, and in many ways, it's been especially difficult for our children, with limits placed on the normal freedoms we all take for granted. It's definitely harder for young minds to understand why this is happening, or to comprehend the need to isolate on a sunny day when they'd rather be at the beach with friends.

The good news is that the restrictions worked and we are doing really well here in Australia, with very few new cases. While restrictions are lifting, things are still far from being ‘back to normal’.  This means that kids will most likely be spending a lot more time at home, with limited access to activities for some time to come. We spoke with Noble Oak to share our best tips for keeping kids happy and enriched during the pandemic.

During these restrictions, we've seen many people turn to other forms of entertainment including the desire to learn a musical instrument. The benefits of music have been well-documented — the combination of learning something new, the discipline of practicing, or simply just achieving a minor goal of playing your first few notes, can all present a tremendous sense of satisfaction in children.

Enriching both their social lives (we're pretty confident we'll see a real increase in the number of new bands over the next few years!) and giving them a completely different outlook on being 'locked in' at home.

Many successful musician will tell you of their years locked in a bedroom practicing their craft, and this enforced period of isolation may well spark the same passion in many of the young people who are now picking up an instrument for the first time.

Keeping the brain active, especially when physical exercise is limited, is vitally important to our children and will help them feel that the time indoors has at least given them a new passion or something to show their friends when normality returns.

We've seen the tremendous benefits of musical education through our own Mega Music Academy. When we were forced to provide online lessons rather than in person, the disappointment of our students was palpable. This brought up many challenges for our teachers and students but fortunately, technology has developed to the stage where it's relatively affordable and easy to continue a child's musical education from the safety of their own bedroom. We've also seen a big increase in inquiries for "podcasting" setups, microphones, and recorders as our local music educators adjust to the new landscape and teach from home.

The old saying 'the devil makes work for idle hands’ is a good reminder of the need to keep young minds stimulated. A musical skill will last you a lifetime and even possibly return you an income in future years! There's not much else you can pick up at such a young age that will offer those kinds of long-term benefits.

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